The Law of Reversed Effort

imagination-einstienAre you still getting the opposite of what you desire?  We read about having our conscious (will-power) and unconscious (imagination) in congruence.
However an explanation of why is somewhat harder to locate.

The law of reversed effort is essential to getting what you desire.  Explained simply The law of reversed effort states the harder you try ( conscious will-power) to do something,  the less chance you have of achieving it.

Imagine you are out walking and come across a cake shop. Through the window you see a delicious Cream with Jam Bun. Just the thought of it starts one salivating. Your conscious will is saying move on as the Cream and Jam Bun is not good for your weight control. And so it is not. Your unconscious mind (imagination) at the same time is working against you. The imagination is showing you pictures of how you will feel biting into the bun, your taste buds  delightfully sending messages of pleasure to your brain and all the pleasant feelings your body will associate with the Cream and Jam Bun.
The question is what chance do we have with the imagination.  This is why imagination trumps will power.

Cream and Jam Buns

Will Power vs. Imagination

Since the will power now lost the battle with imagination, as we enjoy our Cream with Jam Bun, let us work on our real power. Our imagination.
When we align our imagination with the conscious will our desires will be attracted to us effortlessly.  To bring our will power and imagination into congruence we will change our imagination toward our desired result.

Using visualization, imagine passing on the bun for a better looking you down the track. The plaudits you will receive, “wow you look fantastic”, “how did you get that body”.           Imagine how much more respect you will have for yourself. How great you will feel in the light of the new you.

This will bring your will power and imagination into congruence with your imagination remaining the dominant thought.   Say goodbye to self sabotaging and use the power of imagination to get what you truly desire.

John Davis

copyright  ©  2011

10 Responses to The Law of Reversed Effort

  1. The Law of Reversed Effort…

    Are you still getting the opposite of what you desire?  We read about having our conscious (will-power) and unconscious (imagination) in congruence. However…

  2. Lisa Wood says:

    Hello John,
    Sounds good in theory but if you have chocolate in my house….then do not leave it in front of me!! I could easily eat the whole lot even while my mind is saying “NO Dont eat that” !! Need to have a bit more practice at the law of reversed effort!

    Lisa Wood recently posted..Twilight Chapter Review

  3. Hi John,
    very amusing,
    you explained that very well, I have been struggling with willpower and imagination lately and trying to get them to be congruent as I have been eating too much and not exercising enough.
    I can relate to your article as I have always been in good shape in the past but I am struggling right now. You have given me some food for thought, excuse the pun or bun!
    Keith Westhead recently posted..Binaural Beats Way to Discover Your True Potential!

    • John Davis says:

      Hi Kieth,
      Well said. We can all relate to weight control, especially middle age bulge. Try this technique and let us know down the track.

  4. Hi John,

    Oh I couldn’t agree with you more. And as Lisa says, it certainly takes practice, this art of the Law of Reversed Effort. The good news is as you say, with a little diligence and awareness, this habit of looking for what you want can be created as easily as the opposite – it just takes a bit of focus.

    Thanks for this post, John – it’s quite timely in today’s world.
    Jo Carey-Bradshaw recently posted..Empowering Mindset – Vows

    • John Davis says:

      Hi Jo,
      You sound to have it nailed. Since learning this law and applying it noticed some subtle changes occur effortlessly. Keep the visualization going and pass on the conscious will power.

  5. I enjoyed your example, John! Spot on… Our imagination can help us achieve so much more in life. It can be our best friend or our worse enemy.
    Pole Dancing Diva recently posted..Pole Dancing

  6. Wal Heinrich says:

    Great! I wondered why the more effort I put into pulling weeds from my garden, the more they grow. It’s the law of reversed effect. This winter I will try using imagination instead!
    Wal Heinrich recently posted..Maggie’s Decision Destroyer Shortcut

  7. Carolyn says:

    Makes sense to have both will-power and imagination working together for greater results. Now to put it into practice!
    Carolyn recently posted..How To Make A Fun Hat Out Of Cardboard

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